“I have never been as fit in my life as I was after training with Rick. When I had the opportunity to train with Rick, I truly believe my condition, my physical look, and how I felt was at its’ all time best.”
Hip Hop Artist/Actor

“As a tough fighter and equally tougher trainer, I would recommend Rick to anyone whose looking for results. Rick is a true warrior and strategist in the battle for better health.”
m-augusteMaurepaz Auguste
WKO World super middleweight
kickboxing champion

“Rick is an outstanding educator who is extremely talented and has the ability to clearly communicate the information to students, his clients and industry leaders. His humor and charm make the information fun without ever sacrificing results…he is truly one of a kind!”
wendyWendy Batts, MS
Health & Fitness Provider Network

“after working with mr. richey, I feel like I have been hit by a boeing 747. but now, when I hit others, they feel the same way. ”
g-phillipsGraham Phillips,

“You begin to enter what you think is the portal to hell only to realize you are already done. Rick got me in and out and ready to get on with my day, which at the time was important because there wasn’t a lot of time in the day alotted for training.”
l-tillLucas Till
X-Men: First Class

“As an educator, Rick masterfully combines high energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity to the education experience. In an industry known for egos, Rick’s style is as refreshing and non-indulgent as it is effective. He’ll alway go the extra mile to make sure you get what you came for and more!”
c-mcgrathChris McGrath, MS, CPT
Movement First

“What’s great about Mr. Richey? Not only is he extremely knowledgable and educated, but he has a way of explaining exercises and programs in a way that anyone can understand and translate through their movements. I have seen Rick’s ability to connect with everyone from professional level trainers, actors, athletes to grandmothers, and his unique knack of providing a great, functional and applicable workout to all populations.
In a world of so-called “celeb trainers” you have to be more careful than ever who you hire and trust your body with. Rick’s level of education, professionalism, expertise and personal skills makes him the perfect choice for anyone looking for a true trainer. When you work with Rick, get ready to see positive changes and results – in all aspects of your life!”
j-smithJessica Smith

I have known Rick for over ten years and he is, without a doubt, what every Trainer should aspire to be.
The wealth of knowledge Rick has picked up over the years is unrivaled. He has a desire to know as much about the human body as possible.
I, myself, have been involved in the fitness industry for close to 15 years and have seen a multitude of different Trainers come and go. This is a passion for Rick and he will be in the business for a number of years.
In my opinion, a great Trainer has a number of different qualities that define him or her as a Trainer. Everything from knowledge to their personality. Rick has all of the above and has developed into one of the best Trainers I’ve ever come across and is the Trainer I turn to when I need help accommodating my own clients.
j-zitomer-Josh Zitomer

I chose Rick Richey’s Independent Training Spot to set up my new office because of Rick’s intent to “raise the bar”.  The atmosphere is supportive, exciting, positive and inspired.  The focus on education and cutting-edge methodologies is perfect for my continued work in performance enhancement, sports rehabilitation, and my efforts to build the premier human movement science education platform – the Brookbush Institute ( And… most importantly, the people Rick has attracted to this beautiful space are incredible… there’s really no place like it.  Come on in, I promise, you won’t want to leave.
bbDr. Brent Brookbush
President, Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science