Independent Training Spot was designed for entrepreneurial physical therapist and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapists to develop their own business and brand of therapy without doing reports, projecting numbers, and giving the majority of the price of the training sessions away to a corporate entity. We welcome independent CAM therapist and practitioners that are professional, educated, and business-minded to be a part of an independent and cohesive team of health and fitness professionals.

We need the following from you:
1. Copy of your NYS license and registration.
2. CPR/AED certification
3. Liability Insurance – $1 million in coverage with Independent Training Spot and the address (1 E 28 St. 2nd Floor. New York, NY 10016) listed as additional insured on your ACORD form.
4. Credit Card information to keep on file. Call, email, text, or bring in by scheduled appointment. Whatever you are most comfortable doing.
5. A government issued photo ID.
6. Set up a MindBody account. Download the MindBody Connect app on your phone. This is how you schedule patients and pay for sessions (ANY SESSION NOT IN MINDBODY PRIOR TO THE SESSION START WILL BE DOUBLE CHARGED).
7. Once all is set with can work on getting you facility access.
8. All therapists and each patient must sign a waiver form (one-time thing) prior to beginning training.

Policies and Fees

$151 annual membership fee for the therapist (only at e 28 st location)
$33/hr for training sessions
$662.50 for 25 pack of training sessions

No Food Allowed on the fitness floor.
No Mobile Phone Uses on the fitness floor. However, if you program, track treatment, and do SOAP notes from your phone, do it!
Your clients may use rollers and other self-administered release utensils, but they are not allowed to lift weights, do cardio, or use other equipment without their therapist.


Be spatially aware, considerate, professional, and friendly to all.